Rothwell - Seacroft Bus Station (Tesco Supermarket), Seacroft
Seacroft Bus Station (Tesco Supermarket), Seacroft – Rothwell
Valid from 23 October 2017


Rothwell - Seacroft

Rothwell Commercial Street, Church Street, Wood Lane, Haigh Road, Leeds Road, Holmsley Lane, Station Lane, Aberford Road, Wakefield Rd, Swillington Lane, Church Lane, Wakefield Road, Astley Lane, Queen Street, Leeds Road, Preston Lane, Berry Lane, Station Road, Butt Hill, Cross Hills, Leeds Rd, Selby Road, Lidgett Lane, Main Street, Wakefield Road, Alandale Road, Kingsway, Alandale Crescent, Wakefield Road, Selby Road, Stile Hill Way, Colton Road East, Colton Lane, Ring Road Halton, Station Road, Cross Gates Road, York Road, Seacroft Avenue, Seacroft Bus Station (Tesco Supermarket).

Seacroft - Rothwell

Seacroft Bus Station (Tesco Supermarket), Seacroft Avenue, York Road, Cross Gates Road, Station Road, Ring Road Halton, Colton Lane, Colton Road East, Stile Hill Way, Selby Road, Wakefield Road, Alandale Crescent, Kingsway, Alandale Road, Wakefield Road, Main Street, Lidgett Lane, Selby Road, Leeds Road, Cross Hills, Butt Hill, Station Road, Berry Lane, Preston Lane, Leeds Road, Queen Street, Astley Lane, Wakefield Rd, Church Lane, Swillington Lane, Wakefield Rd, Aberford Road, Station Lane, Holmsley Lane, Leeds Road, Haigh Road, Wood Lane, Church Street, Ingram Parade, Park West, Gillett Lane, Commercial Street.


Mondays to Fridays only

Rothwell, Commercial Street  dep     0930   1030   1140  1315             
Woodlesford Primary School  dep    0941  1041  1151  1326            
Swillington Church  dep  0842  0947  1047  1157  1332            
Kippax Cross Hills  dep  0848  0953  1053  1203  1338            
Garforth Main Street  dep  0857   1002  1102  1212  1347            
Colton  dep  0915  1020  1120  1230  1400            
Cross Gates Shopping Centre dep 0915 1020 1120  1230 1405            
Seacroft Bus Station  arr  0925  1030  1130  1240  1415            
Seacroft Bus Station  dep  0925  1035  1135  1250  1350            
Cross Gates Shopping Centre dep 0935  1045  1145  1300  1400            
Colton  dep  0940  1050  1150  1305  1405            
Garforth Main Street  dep  0953  1103  1203  1318  1418            
Kippax Cross Hills  dep  1002  1112  1212  1327  1427            
Swillington Church  dep  1008  1118  1218  1333              
Woodlesford Primary School  dep  1014  1124  1224  1339              
Rothwell Commercial Street  arr  1025  1135  1235  1350              

No Service on Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holidays Mondays. A Saturday service will operate on Good Friday and selected days during the Christmas and New Year period.

Journeys that are operated by double deck vehicles will run via Pottery Lane in Woodlesford

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